Adorably Neurotic

I’m back. The clouds really have lifted and I can see clearly now, the rain has gone. I’m still working on stuff with my life coach, but this is my last month of weekly sessions with her, then we’ll talk about maybe once a month or just targeted sessions. She’s given me great tools to help me always come back to center. I’m a little scared of stopping with her, but it’ll be good. I’m back to being more like Bridget Jones, an adorably neurotic single woman in her 30s, instead of a verifiable crazy person in danger of complete breakdown at any second.

This all means it’s time for me to get back on the damn dating horse! So and OKcupid are back up and running. I have another blog solely dedicated to the ridiculous messages and profiles I get there, it’s worth a read if you want to be glad you’re not single. And if you’re not single, feel free to submit your own horror stories.

I don’t plan on becoming hard-hearted and caustic again, but I do need an outlet for the crazy shit that people say to you online. I have a few prospects though that I’m a little excited about. The thought also did occur to me that maybe I’m happy being single. Maybe I don’t really want a relationship again. We’ll see. I will keep updating this blog as it was intended – a diary of the life of an American Bridget Jones singleton, a tad nutty but overall pretty okay on her own.

Wish me luck!


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