Too Picky or Healthy Standards?

This is such a fine line for me, and with online dating it’s magnified. On one hand, can you really decide you’re not interested in someone from one picture and a paragraph? Is that hiding behind walls of uber-picky? Or is it honoring my worthiness by not saying yes to everyone who comes along? 

I’m so all or nothing with letting people in; either they have no chance with me or I give them everything I have. I don’t know the happy medium with men. Should I try for the healthy middle ground, or just accept that that’s how I am? That I throw myself into relationships and the right guy will jump right along with me? And until that happens, I’ll be falling on my face, alone?

Another fine line: accept yourself as you are, or work towards changing yourself? I suppose the happy medium there is: accept yourself as you are while walking the path to becoming who you want to be.



Whaddya think?

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