Coffee with Cowboy Surfer

So here goes nothin’ – my first online date of 2012. The dating debut of new, post-year-34-breakdown me. I’m dreading the awkward waiting around the coffee shop for him, greeting, ordering, sitting down. Everyone in the place knowing we’re on an online date, making bets on whether it will last or not, who’s more into whom, what we’re talking about.

Time to breathe.

It’s just meeting another human being and talking. So what if everyone on the planet knows I’m single and have had to resort to So what if it doesn’t work out, so what if it does, just so what? I may have made a mistake by already having a cup of coffee this morning. I wish there was a caffeine sponge that you could take to soak up mistakenly ingested uppers.


Whaddya think?

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