Just Keep Swimming

So two different dates, both at the same coffee shop at the same table with the same waiter. Hurrah for living in a small town and everyone seeing your embarrassing business. Both guys pleasant enough but not much of a spark with either one. Which bums me out, because the second one was my best prospect so far. Now there’s not much out there except super creeps and uninteresting dullards okay no. I’m going to stay positive. What’s still out there are several great undetermined guys, one or more of whom I will have a decent or better – but as of yet undetermined – relationship with at an undetermined point in the future. There are also several more people I’m not interested in, for reasons that don’t mean much to anyone but my ego.

So in the meantime: patience; acceptance; and focus on buying a house, work, fitness, nutrition, and meditation.


Whaddya think?

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