Here’s what a nerd I am: I knew I wanted to talk about snark and my relationship with it and really develop an interesting thought around it. So first things first, I JFGI. For the non-nerds, that acronym stands for “just fucking Google it.” I don’t know what I expect to find by googling ‘snark’ but that’s the point of googling, right? So the first result is the urban dictionary definition of snark: Combination of “snide” and “remark.”

The levels of my nerdery go so deep.

  1. I google everything.
  2. I use the acronym “JFGI.”
  3. I didn’t know what the word snark came from, but I learned it from urban dictionary.
  4. I couldn’t leave the period outside the quotation mark as it was written in urban dictionary.

Anyway, my profound and insightful thought was that, “Fuck snark.” It’s so prevalent in so many inappropriate places now. We’re so hyper-critical of every little thing and so self righteous in our snarky flaw pointing out-edness-ish-ism. Whatever.

Words and phrases I wish would disappear forever:

  1. Fail.
  2. Just sayin’.
  3. You’d think they could…
  4. You’d think they would have figured out by now…
  5. The. Practice. Of. One. Word. Sentences. To. Emphasize. Something. Inane.
  6. It really makes me sad how…
  7. Dear Blah deBlah: … (as in this and really all of this)

Okay, I realize some of those things were nothing but my own personal snark snuck in.

And I’ve been thinking about my reasons for breaking my Facebook addiction. It wasn’t all about the ex at all. There was just so much snark and whining and negativity. Maybe it’s just the people I know, maybe I’m too critical and judgmental myself (highly likely), maybe it was just my shit-colored glasses this summer. It was just bringing me down, man!

We’re all so afraid of being sincere and vulnerable that we put up these walls of judgy snark. Part of my great self discovery this summer was realizing that I’m a sensitive, feeling, crying softie. My life coach has mentioned a few times how much of a feeler I am, as opposed to the Spock-like thinker I was willing to bet the farm I absolutely was. Every time something inside me flinched and I wanted to correct her. But shit man, I’ve opened my soul to that woman, I think she would know if I’m a feeling type instead of a thinking type.

Yeah I know what they meant it to mean.

So fuck it man, I’m coming out of the sensitive, sincere closet. Sarcasm just isn’t as sexy to me anymore. Authenticity is, and if I’m being authentic, there’s not much room for judgment, snark, or sarcasm. Okay, there’s a bit but only when it’s really fucking funny. Damn, and with that caveat you see my struggle with sarcasm! It is funny. Sometimes.

Boy, this post got off whatever wobbly track it was on. I’m obviously still a little conflicted with some of these ideas, but I think overall I’m shedding some of the snarky walls I’ve built. Time to not be embarrassed about what kind of person I really am.


Whaddya think?

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