Three Strikes and…

Date #3, with the first guy I struck up a conversation with online. We bantered, he had a crazy busy week (birthday, family in town, start of school year as a teacher) so we tried to make a couple plans which never worked out. It died out a little, I sent one last Hail Mary pass, then it was gone with the wind. Today I see that I have a message from him. “What could he possibly say that would make me interested again?” I asked myself. Something along the lines of “Oh shit I never answered you! I’m so sorry!! Let’s get together soon!!!” 

Maybe there were fewer exclamation points, but yeah, that’ll do. So we’re going out tomorrow. All my friends who have dated online say you need to go on crazy amounts of dates before you find someone good – like in the 50-ish range. Last year when I tried this, I got exhausted after maybe 10-ish. This year, 3 has me just about ready to give up. Yes, before it’s even begun, I realize what I’m saying.

So again, fingers crossed – but not too hard, I’m really really liking having a bed all to myself lately.


Whaddya think?

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