Red Wine is My Canary in the Coal Mine

It even rhymes! Anyway, I can tell shit’s going to start hitting the fan when I crave alcohol. And I just bought 3 bottles of canaries.

I’m buying a house. I’m over the ex. My best friend is having a baby. I’m at peace. I’m…happy? And yet I’m feeling the need to get liquored up on a scarily frequent basis.

Obviously the house and the baby, while super awesome, are really common sources of stress. Facing responsibility, watching my friend have something I always thought I wanted and she never thought she did, moving, money, planning. But I really am cool with all of that – super psyched, actually. Being over the ex is what’s freaking me out the most.

If I’m  not hurt about my dad or my dog or a man, what am I? I’ve given up so much of who I thought I was in this last year that I don’t really know what’s left. I know hurt. I know alone. I know being left. I’m afraid to give those up and I don’t want to and you can’t make me. And damn World Market for having really good $4 wine. No seriously, go check it out, they’re awesome. Much better than the Dollar General’s $3 grain alcohol grape juice. Spiritual confessions AND bargain booze tips – I’m a one-stop shop for all your angsty needs right here.


Whaddya think?

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