Wedding Season Over

Thank fucking God. Three weddings this year is, I believe, a personal record. At one point I’d been to more funerals than weddings, but no more.

I complain, but really all three weddings were awesome; all were couples that everyone was truly happy to see together, all very fun, uplifting, beautiful.

So this one was at a winery. Appropriate and very convenient, considering my last post. It was for a friend from Virginia and most of the people there were from my last lifetime, as it were. I was a little anxious at being the outsider – when I lived there, I always felt a little out of the clique. I realized at some point during the ceremony though, that the clique had disbanded. Almost everyone had either moved away or stopped skydiving, and they were all a little nervous to not know anyone else.

It was awesome to just let go of being cool and enjoy the people there. At one point, I had this flash of “Holy shit, this is an honest to God, can’t stop myself from laughing laugh and I am having a great time enjoying these people!”

I was also reminded of that quote about seeing the beauty in people and I tried to concentrate on that – after getting myself worked up beforehand about how much I hated these people and they were really ugly and gross. Obviously those were all lies to keep myself from feeling stupid in case they snubbed me. Anyway, I could really see the beauty in people (okay, it’s easy to see beauty at a wedding when everyone is radiantly happy but whatever).

I also found a chrome plugin that allows you to replace words with other words: From the description:

“Read the words you wish people would use.

Is there a misspelling that bugs you? Do any words offend you? With this extension, you can browse the web you love without the words you don’t.

In My Words is very simple. Simply add the words you don’t want to see along with their replacements. Then, as you browse the web, each occurrence of the words you don’t want to see will be swapped out.”

I can now replace “Fail” with “I’m a douche” all across the entire internet! Or fine, maybe I’ll swap out “Fail” with “I’m pointing out another human’s mistake because I really am scared inside” or “My daddy didn’t hug me enough. Have some compassion, Lara.”


2 thoughts on “Wedding Season Over

  1. I’m one of those people that see the beauty in people (at least try to). I used to stick tight close to the wall away from everybody for YEARS. Not sure when the switch clicked but now I’m excited to see what someone else is excited about. I LIVE because of people. And it’s easier for me to see the world through rose colored glasses.
    I wonder what I can replace the word “moist” with. GAAAAH. Fucking hate that word.

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