This is one of those slippery lessons I keep forgetting. I’m a Dr Pepper girl. A lot of people like Coke. Neither is better than the other and if they weren’t labelled, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart until you tasted them. They’re both brown fizzy sodas. Both cold (I hope). Both caffeinated. You might even be able to fool yourself a little into thinking you’re drinking delightful 23-flavor Dr Pepper when it’s really nasty Coke. And hey, if someone spits you out for not being Coke and then goes out and grabs a Coke, how can you really be upset about that? You’re not Coke and they’re not Dr Pepper and thank God for it.

Barbie Holder, CPC, ELI-MP


Don’t let the opinions of others keep you from being the best you can be. You are made to be brilliant – juicy, even. There will always be someone who may not see life as you do. Be brilliant anyway.



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