I Need a Dog

I’ve been dog sitting this little dude for the past week.


it was labeling day at the office

His name is Buddy. I never really liked Buddy before because, and yes this is a little strange, but he’s the ex’s dog and a bit of a dick. I don’t know if it’s the breed, the dog, or the owner. I am forever in Buddy’s debt though, because it was Buddy’s bark that woke me up and alerted me to my dog dying in the living room. Without Buddy, I would have missed Piper’s final moments and instead just woken up to a dead dog. So thanks, Buddy.

This week Buddy has been awesome. Sweet, loving, snuggly, obedient, and totally cute.


how could you not want to wake up to this in your bed?

His dad doesn’t let him in bed or on the couch so of course that’s where I’m making him spend most of his time with me.

I forgot how awesome it is to have a dog and I’m totally ready to get number two.

Maybe something like this guy:


he is available for adoption!


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