My friend’s dad was supposed to have a kidney transplant today. Shit, liver? Am I a terrible friend for not knowing exactly which organ it was? Anyway, there is some additional complication that they’re postponing the operation for. I’m not sure what’s going on but it’s not good. I’m praying for her, and her dad, and her whole family. 

It’s natural to want to ask God for really specific things, like “Please don’t let my friend’s dad die.” I don’t think that’s how it goes though. God does what He wants (insert “universe” for God if you like). I like to believe it’s for the best and part of a plan, but who knows. In any case, it seems like I should be asking to give her family strength to deal with whatever is coming. 

I think I have a good working relationship with God and I think He lets me know these things. I feel pretty strongly about it, actually. We’re pretty tight, me and God. When I pray for things like “Please let Obama win today” I feel a pretty strong kickback that He isn’t too interested in who gets elected. When I pray for peace, empathy, open communication, love, and civil discourse, no matter who wins, it feels right. 

Honestly, this whole thing is mostly in reaction to this post on Facebook:

ImageIt seems so self-righteous and judgmental and arrogant – which makes me feel like a much better person. A much better person who isn’t at all self-righteous and judgmental and arrogant enough to pass judgment on someone else’s prayers. Who are you calling a hypocrite? 😉



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