The Pinterest Dilemma

I love me some Pinterest but it does make me feel a little guilty sometimes. There’s a vague feeling that it’s contributing to the dumbing down of women and throwing them back in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. I know most of the people on the site are housewives and that’s fine. Shit, I’m sorry, they’re stay at home moms, right? Housewife is a dirty word? Or not? I don’t know.

Anyway the pins that really get me are the fashion ones, the “how to pray for your husband” ones, the wedding ones – but especially fashion pins. I see something like this:

What career path has this woman chosen?

and think that is very cute and that woman looks great. What kind of job is she going to, though? You can’t wear that in a lab, or in court, or an operating room, or a lecture hall, or Congress, or the CEO’s office. And why is every woman in cute clothes on Pinterest pigeon toed? It reminds me of the scene in Charlie’s Angels where Lucy Liu’s character plays the hardass corporate consultant and instantly goes pigeon toed (I’m going to call it Pinterest-toed from now on) to get the boys to her yard.

What the fuck, ladies? How about some cute fashion standing straight up, hands off the hips and out of the hair, like a damn boss?



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