I Want to Feel the Holiday Spirit

Really I do. Some days I get overwhelmed by love, friendship, family – all those feelings Christmas is supposed to be about. But it never really does it for me. Even Thanksgiving this year, my favorite day of the entire year where I really do feel those things – just not so much came up for me this year. 

Meh, maybe it’s just not my thing. And New Year’s, ugh and a fucking half. I’ve had a handful of good New Year’s Eves but mostly they’ve been anti-climactic duds. Last year’s was good, I guess. It was the night I hooked up with the ex, exactly at midnight. We turned to each other to say Happy New Year and spent the next hour kissing in a bar. I had visions in my head of anniversaries the rest of my life that would make New Year’s actually fun for me. But no. Again it’s a built-up night of crap that I’m dreading.

But hey, Merry Christmas everyone!